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Tech-Powered Financial Concierge For


Get your bookkeeping, financial analysis, and alternative or equity financing done faster, cheaper, and better.

How It Works

Fill out the questionnaire or talk to us for a personalized plan to address your financial management needs.

Leverage our API technology to connect and reconcile data among various commerce, payment, banking, and accounting systems instantly. Save thousands of $$ in data processing costs.

Get data-driven analysis and relevant insights aided by AI technology and human experts such as CPA/CFA/Advisors.

Get bookkeeping done. Get tax filing done. Get cash. Get investment. Faster, cheaper, and in better way.

We integrate with

Automatically reconcile data with the accounting system.

We leverage open banking and API technology to reconcile your commerce, payment, and bank data with the accounting system daily.

Daily sales

Daily cash flow in-flow and out-flow

Daily invoices

Daily bills

Our awesome features
Our awesome features


Easy bookkeeping with or without an accountant.

Add a customer or supplier

Add or update a general ledger

Post payments

Post invoices

Our awesome features

Tax Filing Preparation

Get annual tax filing documentation ready.

Generate financial statements

Collect all invoices and bills

Fill out tax form

Personalized Analysis & Insights

Track relevant metrics and provide relevant insights.

Output metrics down to sales by SKU and by channel

Input metrics such as COGS and marketing expense

Efficiency metrics such as LTV/CAC; Contribution margin

Cash flow metrics

Our awesome features

CFO Service

Review financial performance; conduct forecasting, and manage treasury and equity.


Conduct 1-3 year forecasting.

Treasury Management

Manage cash, liquidity, and debt capital.

Investor Relationship

Develop pitch deck and investor communications deck. Manage investor inquiries.

Strategic Finance

Strategic project; merger and acquisition.

Our awesome features

What Our Early Customers Say

"I'm a solopreneur looking for ways to get my finance in order to support the growth. This is awesome!!"

Ashley N.
Founder at B.T.R. Bars

"This is so much more than just engaging with an hourly professional accountant!"

Gail B.
Co-founder at Wellspices

"Love your content and help for boutique brands. Would like to stay connected with you and join efforts in the future."

Stephanie P.
New Product Innovation at Harry's

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. We use industry-grade IT solutions such as Plaid to securely access the information you authorize us to access, without knowing your login.

Definitely not. We do not share data without your explicit authorization.

We are currently developing our beta version of the product, therefore we do not charge a price and customers are invite-only. Once we have a fully functioning beta product we plan to charge a monthly subscription fee.

We will contact you and have a follow-up call to determine if we can onboard you.

Yes. After onboarding, you can always email or message us.