To empower the rise of micro-entrepreneurs

Hi there, Even though I have worked mostly in Fortune 500 and VC backed tech startups, I grew up in a small business oriented family. Both my grandfather and my father are micro-entrepreneurs who bootstrapped and ran their small businesses for decades. So I thought I could give it a try, by launching a wellness soup company a couple of years ago. I failed miserably, and it was until then I realized, while there were plenty of startup-for-unicorn type of incubators, there weren't any incubator for turning your passion into a business. Hence I founded Incubateme to be the space dedicated for micro-entrepreneurs, with a simple mission to help them launch and run their passion businesses. Please join me to build a garden for diversified micro-entrepreneurs to blossom. Yours best, Alice Zhang Founder, Incubateme

We are a team of operators who used to run the back-office operations for Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, tech startups, and eCommerce companies.

We want to empower entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses with our best-in-class technology, support, and best-in-class expertise, delivered in a connected, convenient, and affordable way.

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